Life is a sparrow

Life is looking at me

Life is the tree

Life is the flow

Life is underground

Like is overhead

Life is the touch

Life is the sleep

Life is awake

Life is rolling

Life is landing

Life is soft like flowers

Life is strong

Life is continuous pain

Life is a smile

Life is joy

Life is in my mind

Life is inside me

Life is the sparrow

Life is looking at me



Observing the refusal of time

Here the capital letter hauls
There the comma fails
Here an exclamation of surprise
The pause is sick in my throat
I say a bleak hole
Swallows yoke and fell
And rules:-dots and days
The kiss on a cheek
And bison all in
And there surveyors stand
Measuring precaution
Spectators stillborn
Readymade for reinvention.

Creatures of the Sea

Poems.  Strange world where
We move differently
That one resembles a horse
That one, a star
We desire
Pattern and shape
Under the sea we surface
To gasp fear
Others bring oxygen
And stay under

Kept Kitten

Keen eyes feast on morning song
Seasoned with flight and plume
King Knut the great and cute
Gathering winter fuel.


The seed will not rear its pretty head,
It slips into poems I haven’t read
Though well-watered and amply fed
The soil’s warmth’s its fatal bed.

What is this seed
That will not sprout?
Up with you and out
Rise with the sun
And shun objectless lust
And writhe out from the settled dust.

I could not stop to think

Because I could not stop to think
Thought kindly took me in
And taught me how to Contemplate
Inside the chattering din.

We found a little Quiet Place
Underneath a Tree
And there all things passed us by
Like Eternity.

For Centuries I stayed with Him
But seemed like just a Day
We watched the planets come and go
Through the Milky Way

We heard the children laugh and play
Cicadas sang their song
The summers danced round winter grief
I felt the whole Earth’s throng.

I touched the ground with fingertip
I scarcely felt the urge
And Earth responded suddenly
With awful thundering surge

Awakened all my mind to naught
Thought looked on in terror
Spirits hid in foliage
And trembled at my error.

But much to Our relief
From out of shattering Blindness
The Clouds transformed to Rain
And soaked us in their Kindness.

3 o’clock

Look at that house

where I live and make these thoughts move

like clouds overhead

be kind they said

but then sink instead

like smog

cicadas swoop and fall

seeking rhythm

the tick and tock

the children arrive

and turn surprised

to see me outside

at 3 o’clock.