what is the word

I’m thinking of

as I look at you there?

glowing bright

lit from within


dazzlingly bright

graceful serene


a dream

unaware of all the earthly hysteria

you float


like a swan

singing its very last song

so noble and right


that’s it!

that’s what you are


a star

Giving Birth

i witnessed a birth of words

as he read aloud

deep bloody wounds

gaping and closing

in the womb

lost in that moment

meaning was numbed

and drowned in a room of hypnotic sound

heavy and urgent

the words blasted, and shattered and proud

I yearned to hold them in my own mouth


gone with the wind

a thousand dreams must have lain

hidden in the shadows of the screen

a thousand pairs of eyes wide

and a thousand collective and silenced sighs

trying to draw in the object of their desire

gasping now to share that celluloid air

and in those arms watch the sun rise

see their own reflection placed inside those haunted eyes

The Silenced

strange love

no place to mourn

love  hidden away

kept deep inside

until every now and then

it wells up

and the magnitude of it

hurts my throat

and surfaces


so no one else can hear

I wipe away the tears

and come here

to this place

because I know

you feel the same way too

his name…

His name…

his name
a magical spell

each letter
a diamond charm

look up
you can see them
twinkling in the dark

each consonant
each vowel
burns hot
like a star

a vow

four syllables
resonant and loud
magical and proud

his name shines
in the darkness of the room

see it there!

say it and pray it
til it creates neon lights above

and now
a diamond clasp
of hope and love

brings light
and wonderment
whenever it gets dark

his name
a magical spell