Look how they slap each other on their backs!

Look how they slap each other on the back
In their condemnation of you
Celebrating your demise and with it something
That was inexplicably you
Rubbing out your errors and foolishness
And with them your vulnerability
You said we should never be afraid to be intimate
Lay our hearts open to each other
You said, you said…
Am I putting words into your mouth now
Are you simply my mouthpiece
Something I use to verify my own feeble state of mind
Have we reduced you to such an object
Which embodies our own small mindedness
Our own narrow view of the world
He said this! He believed this!
He is nothing else but this.
Outside the narrow confines of their prisons you exist!
Now I understand those who chased you for a kiss
And those whose dying wish to see you
Momentarily turned their pain to bliss
And I miss
I miss
I miss