Vesica – At the City Art Gallery

bladder bursting

i enter and find something

i hadn’t sought

in between

a symphony of speakers
rewired and hung with perfect discord
row upon row

and garlanded half-erect members
seducing seekers who come and go
gazing where the willies blow

and there like a halo

a sleeping breathing vesica
a bladder brimming
with radiant beauty
it seeks relief from visitors
and encouraged we reach up

caress its sensors
until aroused it vibrates
unfurling ferns
separating molecules under the skin
and making spaces within
and out it breathes and draws our breath
in and heaves an animated death

i move
differently under this
strange electric alchemy
(aware that i still need to pee)

i’m caught between

where i’ve been (those speakers call
making listeners of us all)

and where i desperately need to go

surfacing and much relieved
i exit

but my mind’s still inside

i’ll get it next time.

vesica (ˈvɛsɪkə)

— n , pl -cae
1. anatomy a technical name for bladder
2. (in medieval sculpture and painting) an aureole in the shape of a pointed oval

[C17: from Latin: bladder, sac, blister]  OpenLinkNight ~ Week 57