Bike Ride

We race summer on our bicycles

Crash the breaking pavement waves

And comb cul-de-sac keyholes

Surfing the crest of their kerbs

Hot tires burn and smell of tarred

Suburban doldrums.

We peddle the heavy air

Crackling with excitement

Until thunderstorms threaten

To charge our metal frames

Undeterred we let loose

Masts of long hair billowing

In the freshening wind

We stretch our legs and crane our backs

Free-wheeling and riding high

Like home-bound sailors tired of the navy

Hailing the wandering seagulls

And the smell of fish and chips and gravy.


2 thoughts on “Bike Ride

    • Thank you, bb! When I read it to my hubby he had the same glazed look I get when he tells me about work – hehe! So it’s very nice to get some feedback. I read your poem about oppression after I wrote this and appreciate having had a relatively safe and happy childhood.

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