Beach House

When invited to a friend’s “bach,” I was surprised to discover that far from being the comfortable, relaxing cottage by the sea where the children could run wild and free, it turned out to be an imposing, sterile mass of straight lines and strict rules, and woe betide anyone who forgot to wash away every grain of sand before entering.

It’s like something out of a magazine;

A precise rectangular sun-dried dream.

We are met with porcelain veneer gleam,

wide like the rich marble slab running through

boundless glass paneled unparalleled view.

Anxious not to let the surrounding sand,

settled in our wild children’s crannies, land

on this desert of weekend luxuries;-

A chrome shower ~ outside please! ~

head strategically poised,

ready to wash away envy and noise.

bach— n
2. a simple cottage, esp at the seaside

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