Five Dollar Solar Eclipse

Royal blue freshly mascaraed lashes

pressed against dark glasses:

a five dollar solar eclipse.


Can I look through yours?  

asks the man with the angry pitbull terrier

I rest my eyes on the glittering sea.


Sorry about the dog.  He kicks it.

It growls at every passing cyclist.

The sky is a lazy blue and the moon glides slowly past the sun.


Bloody hell, it’s good, he says and staggers backwards

Thanks for the look!

Grasping the dog’s skin he freewheels off to an art class.


Last time I saw a total eclipse was 1999.

The lights came on along the promenade

and the birds began to roost.


Here, the sky is already brightening

and people and cameras gather

for some prince and his consort.


At the national museum,

on the other side of the harbour,

I see the painting for the first time:


“Angels Herald New Beginnings.”

Outside sweepers sweep the waterfront clean

and a police boat trawls the water’s edge.




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