كتحية الغرباء
تنعقد السنتنا
أو كما العبارات المتقابلة-
تكتشف الفراشات بعضها
راقصة تحت شمس الظهيرة
ساعات من التجربة
ملاذ للفراشات و اليرقات

As greeting foreigners
our tongues tie.
Or –
as mirrored sentences –
butterflies discover each other
dancing in the afternoon sun
Hours of practice.
Sanctuary of monarchs and moths.


This poem was inspired by Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi’s beautiful poem, “Breathless”.  You can read Carol Rumens’s commentary and Sarah Maquire’s translation of “Breathless” here.

With sincere thanks to The Countess Shadow for taking the time to translate this poem into Arabic and whose own blog includes some beautiful poetry and English translations of Arabic poems.