Autumn Twilight, Dwelling Among Mountains by Wang Wei

At last! New mountain air after rains.
Autumnal moon pours through pines.
Spring rushes over stones, crystalline.
Ruffled bamboos return noisy bathers’ glee
as fishing boats release lotus flowers’ full glory.
Be still, my friend, and stay with me!

You can read David Hinton’s translation of Wang Wei’s poem and Carol Rumens’s commentary at Poem of the Week here.

The graveyard

There will be no performance in this theatre.
I know that there will be no play.
The cast are spying through the curtains
and that’s where they intend to stay.
I take my seat and try to see the past
on the stones behind and the future,
rhyming couplets somewhere on the breeze.
I’ve already thrown the long dead flowers
and watched them turn in the dying hours.