Sound bite

Take it out spit it out spew it out
Of contract contact country context
Then slice and reel in realise realign
The subtext subjects sublet it for fortune good footing coughing citing.
Laughing lashing lacking laming
Laminate subjugate ham it up jam and jovial obfuscate infuriate state stakes
See how they laugh sneer jeer peer
Power mine lower move over inner ear.

Check chunk chick flick flunk feckless
Funk funky swanky sworn sweeper
Dandy hoary lander landseer Henry
Landed gentry chum cum cumulative
Language snatcher sadists anarchists
Wealth state mindless minded miner
Grovelling growling binder bummer
Bunker summer bumper swung sang
Soldier skater sister hater trek and troll
Doll skill skull soulful solely dolefully
Sinful merchant extrapolate meaning
Infuse empty words vehicles and test
Crash publicly originally officially officiant scarecrow yellow brick scar
Know kisses knives alleged stress and breathe.  Breathe. Appeal and breathe.


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