The debate

Humanity, love, kindness
Sympathy, empathy
At the core.
And outside the ability
To know
That these things are
To greed, corruption
And bitterness
Experience and wisdom
We knew
Already knew
Have always known.

The other
Was just a System
A network of systems
That would frame you
Digest you
Eschew you
Screw you,
But no sooner
Had the other said this
He knew
Already knew
Had always known
He’d backed himself
Into a corner
And all he could do
Was bare his teeth
Appeal to us to hate
The other.

The Child and A Gothic Education

A Gothic or Romantic nature?
Tectonic plates clash: a marriage that ascends to still greater heights.
Out of the water we climb Mont Blanc.

On the bus we discussed the cost of a Big Mac in London, Berlin, and Paris.  Austerity bites and a clown, chasing away the burglar, opens hospices with the click of a finger and a magic noun.

Half way up the mountain a lunch stop clatter atop rocks that used to be submerged under the sea.  We gasp and trace the fossils with our fingers.  Where we used to be.  Life raft.  I see Victor chasing his monster over the peaks hotly pursued by a writer and her poet lover.  Still wet from drowning.

Spinning out of control we begin to fall through fresh snow.  Off piste, skiers curse and swear at us; our calves burnt fifty shades of hot pink. Then, in a blink, down we hurtle, like angels, towards Chamonix.  The scenery turning to spring.

Ice kitchens and glaciers, chiseled Shakespearean actors, all perfectly pushing pines.  Harmony.

These are the days we are burnt to a crisp or cooled in the dark alpine glades.  On a pyre, many miles north, the monster’s memory blisters and fades.


Paper weighting stone
Fighting cutting bone
Restless spent despair.

Plastic supper tomb
Thumbs grasping sweat
Hellish rocky lair.

Promethean drawn
Cheque expired fired
Strict father absent.

Hand to feather
Feather to beak
Beak liver repent.

Liver grown septic
Rhetoric mega hectic
Bird’s breast displayed.

Poor poor ultra cautious
Bearing heavy rock
Sick, alone, dismayed.

Rich rich ignited quirky
Nurturing parent present
Throws caution to the bird.

A stone, or perhaps,
A bloody steak revealing
The system’s flawed.

Where the circle’s chalked
Where reason’s hawked
Wealth’s a bomber’s hoard

Eyes’ light extinguished
Mind’s flight relinquished.
Poverty, absurd, swallowed whole.