Paper weighting stone
Fighting cutting bone
Restless spent despair.

Plastic supper tomb
Thumbs grasping sweat
Hellish rocky lair.

Promethean drawn
Cheque expired fired
Strict father absent.

Hand to feather
Feather to beak
Beak liver repent.

Liver grown septic
Rhetoric mega hectic
Bird’s breast displayed.

Poor poor ultra cautious
Bearing heavy rock
Sick, alone, dismayed.

Rich rich ignited quirky
Nurturing parent present
Throws caution to the bird.

A stone, or perhaps,
A bloody steak revealing
The system’s flawed.

Where the circle’s chalked
Where reason’s hawked
Wealth’s a bomber’s hoard

Eyes’ light extinguished
Mind’s flight relinquished.
Poverty, absurd, swallowed whole.


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