Virtuous Circles

Shape wet clay
Into cup,
Celibate, chaste,
Effective in its revelation,
Drop by drop by drop,

Effectual, efficient,
Faithful clay.
High-principled, honest,
In its clear, transparent glaze.

Incorruptible, inculpable,
Irreprehensible soft moral mud
My noble hands, on the level,
On the up and up,
Of your tender form.

Regular, right-minded,
Righteous, spotless, smooth,
Unsullied, untainted, clay.

Up front, upright,
Worthy, of earth and time,
Coin and milk.

How I forget myself
In these virtuous circles
Thrown and thrust.

Erosion of trust,
Kneaded and fed.

I will carry the cup
And beg.

Tonight we dig deep and dare
Bones and bits of resolution
To slide back down the slopes
Of this paradisaical evasion.

Ships pass through the blasted sound
Where voyeur, tenderly, lets two oceans kiss.
Whose lips are sealed with paper pound
Might steal the hungry serpent’s bliss.

King, president, and noble chief
Forge out your empty city’s spoil,
And tempt not reason, Eve, or thief,
Now your years arch over as on we toil.

Lying in State

With deathlike grimace
She teaches us apathy
Indifference reigns.

These are the leaders we’ll regret

These are the leaders who sneak
And crawl, who hide and recoil
From the light, who wear masks
And lie.  These are the leaders who gamble and steal and throw bombs to throw our gaze off course.  These are the leaders who inhabit another world, for whom this realm is only a means to their own end.

The wood is the quiet mass

The wolf steals out of the wood.
He smacks and licks his lips as only he could, contemplating his next meal.
But when grandma and the bloody child
Stagger out, he panics at this sudden exposure and he howls,
As they survey the contents of his

“I’ll blow your houses down,” he puffs.

“They’re all wolves like me,” he huffs.

Where is humanity?

The wood can’t see itself for all the trees.