In parenthesis

You were (here, I should explain myself) always there,

Like a familiar song (there’s something almost on the tip of my tongue) that offers connection.

Context (this soft light is on us) is, of course, essential. 

How can we begin (if we’re both listening)?

What can be said (with the desire to impress the other) that hasn’t been said before? 

This (never mind the emptiness where depth offers possibility) place where familiarity dies (my vanity, ego, delirium) is loneliness.

2 thoughts on “In parenthesis

  1. Thank you, m. I remember a poet called Rory Watson who wrote a poem which read like two voices speaking simultaneously. He did it beautifully. I can’t find it online. Thanks for your kind comments about my effort. Much appreciated!

  2. – sharp intake – you’ve done it again, Wednesdays, plonked me straight in there (hear (sic), I should explain myself) (sorry, it cheapens your device, but it ‘clicked’ a perspective in me: I had to use it), (so the device worked), (but I’m not quite in control of it yet) – breathe out, breathe out; true out-formative (sic, again) poetry makes me giddy with the possibilities that are all about (all the time) – thank you

    I’ve linked to this on my ‘others’ page because you deserve to be in such illustrious company:

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