Delusions of Candour

The suitably informed

Won’t look beyond their first source

That tells them what they knew all along

They’re right and you, of course, are wrong.



For all the noise

It is bloated indifference

That is most ravenous.

Our horror in realising

The relative closeness

Of its smile wrapped

Around our face

Smothered in silence

Complicit snake.


We look down into the void,

Its yawning indifference to the weight

Placed on both sides, barely aware,

How close to the edge we all are.

Appalled. Too afraid to let go.

And fall into what had been forgotten.


The world seems such a small place.

That, or its lights shine brightly.

And those at the front are left to burn.

Gone for awhile

She’d left such pretty things on display

And a note to explain that she may

Be gone for awhile, perhaps a day.

Wellington Harbour 7:30am


As if by chance a wish appears,

The dance of promise and relief

For those who pay their way and wait

In solitude for years, and brief

It floats from fingers tightly sewn

And swift with absent thought is blown.

A Day in the Sun

The wolves are given a day in the sun

They smell blood and egg the other on:

Circumstance or masquerade

Bound to emerge or stay safe in shade?