Earth’s fair

Dense is the cloud

The light’s  thrown off

And cold the sea

And rough.

Thrown into tracks

The frontwinds steer

The phoebes North

To South.

Caught up in net

The warbler lies

Like death in stitch

And throttle.

The ships on glass

Pass through the yard

The word less strum

And battle.


a pocketful of earth

keep out of the counting house
for all that you are worth

see them pray for rye to grow
from sticks and stones and broken bones

but keep out of the parlour
the queen is nursing honeycombs

see the people running
through wars that everybody knows

don’t peer inside the garden
the maid is hanging out their clothes

see the people moving closer
with songs that soothe like honey

hear their voices growing louder
and the bombs that drop like money

but keep out of the counting house
that’s none of your affair

keep out of the garden
and keep out of the lair

don’t look inside the beehive
or the bees will keep on stinging

don’t wonder what’s inside the pie
where the birds are always singing

Kept Kitten

Keen eyes feast on morning song
Seasoned with flight and plume
King Knut the great and cute
Gathering winter fuel.


Words on the wire play truth or dare.
Each takes a turn on tides of air
–all the twos
and the little ones
the frolicking fros
and the gamely comes–
wings whiffle
kissed and blushed
by setting sun.