Please understand

Take a look and please understand
that you will not be allowed to
close the box until you see all
its contents and tell me that
you understand everything you see.
You cannot proceed until you have
looked inside the box. This message
will not disappear until you tell me
that you understand. You cannot pretend
you didn’t see. You cannot pretend
you did not understand. You cannot
not understand so please tell me
that you understand. Okay? I want
to make sure you know. You can learn
more, but you cannot close and walk away.

Media Malice

how silently they cast their lies–

the deadly bait awaits

the unsuspecting little bites

nibbling at their fates.

how carefully they set their sights –

finger poised to shoot

just above the little calf

its mother rendered mute.

how joyfully they come and go

all smiles and platitudes

they punctuate their carefree lives

with deadly interludes.