I cartwheeled over the sea

I cartwheeled over the sea and
saw you waving from a bus at me.
I jumped aboard and yelled come play
with the light over the bays and
the clouds whispering with the planes.
Let’s clamber through the pipes
and balance on the poems in the streets.
Climb the statues and skim the marina
with me. Let’s peek through our fingers
at paintings and play hide and seek
with the tour guide. We’ll paint
with light and waves. Hop off, hold
hands, run and see what we will see.


Singer of an unseen world

Dancer of a dream untold

Seer of unknown light

Love’s advocate and plight.


I moonbathe in your wild time

And in your song I find mine

Your parted lips melt away tears

Grief sighs gently in lunar ears.


Cocooned in your shimmering light

I see all beauty in your rapturous eyes

The night blanket of invisibility

Covering watchful you and sleepy me.