The softness of folded letters

And finding some degree of similarity

Is a paradox

On this estate

Part public, part private

Partings of ways and manners

What was once important

Is smoothed over

On common ground

Where we live

Near Lovers Park

The survivor’s delicatessen

Suspended in air

Two balloons scrape our chimney

Lowry’s empty sky

There isn’t a breath

Of wind to keep us here

-they holler

We run outside

And help fold the sheets

On promised land.

We will evaluate

We will evaluate,

We will evaluate.

Calculate the decile,

Into obscurity,

Your score,

Your means.

The long and the short

Of your poverty,

Your dreams.

Invest in our teams:

Medical assessors,

Educational directors,

Accountants, all,

And their guards,

Protected by the law,

To reveal, bit by tiny bit,

The luck of your hapless draw.

Should you query

The results,

The theory,

We will evaluate,

We will evaluate,

We will evaluate.


Stay inside the lines
Don’t go over the edge
Keep up with the times
Trim the hedge.


Don’t invade
Allow for flow
A spade’s a spade


Preachy circles
Tion for shun
The centre ground
Relay and ships that pass.


Roaring font bright
Black on white
Lips red all night.

And shadows

Shapes grounded
Painted grey flung
Tongue flattened
Yin and yang sung


The edges the guilt
The memories framed
The art encased
The body named.