dare to fly

dare to fly…

we dream of flying like birds
of seeing the earth rolling beneath
of feeling the wind blow through our hair

we can’t help but see you
we can’t help but feel

you’re still there

we dream of things beyond this reality
of the stars in the sky
distant and strange

we look beyond the possible
when we feel at a loss
of just how to explain

your passing
your leaving
the permanence of death

how can a life so strong and so brilliant so suddenly be gone?

we can’t help but hear your voice
we can’t help but see your smile

the mischievous gleam in your eyes

do you still dream I’m alive?
do you dare to hope it’s a lie?
that in some strange twist of fate I didn’t die?

we dream, we feel
we hope, we pray

we grasp at straws and try to delay
the cold hard reality

that inevitably knocks at the door and says
that you’re not here to stay

that though you were the epitome of life itself
though your voice still sings loud and clear

like a bird freed from its cage
you’ve flown

you’re flying high

you just wanted to hear the tempo
and the melody

of life

for a while