Lightfast interior

No black and white photograph

Just two of earth’s own.


Score pacts through red clay

Fingertip wavy ink trails

Gathering the prey.


Blood’s sudden distance

In the need for possession

Your disgust haunts me.



Leaves an absence of colour

Still unfastened day.


Fish, bird, skin held taut

Language, tribe, vast stretch of land

Between you and I.

Borrowed Book

The borrowed book lies half unread
Lips sealed and words unsaid
Goodbyes hide in sinner’s shrift
Delayed by a stolen gift.

Lucky the bailiff called

Lucky the bailiff called today,
Otherwise we would never have known
You were leaving for Nepal.

We’d have missed a beautiful sunset,
So beautiful we all linked arms and
Walked backwards to the tug boat
To eat chips and sip hot chocolates
And exchange poems for sweets.