Lightfast interior

No black and white photograph

Just two of earth’s own.


Score pacts through red clay

Fingertip wavy ink trails

Gathering the prey.


Blood’s sudden distance

In the need for possession

Your disgust haunts me.



Leaves an absence of colour

Still unfastened day.


Fish, bird, skin held taut

Language, tribe, vast stretch of land

Between you and I.

Blind panic

I am a mouse.

Timid. Listening.


I’ll die.

You are a rock.

Human. Vast.


My shelter in winter.

You see me and despair.

We’ll live.

Virtuous Circles

Shape wet clay
Into cup,
Celibate, chaste,
Effective in its revelation,
Drop by drop by drop,

Effectual, efficient,
Faithful clay.
High-principled, honest,
In its clear, transparent glaze.

Incorruptible, inculpable,
Irreprehensible soft moral mud
My noble hands, on the level,
On the up and up,
Of your tender form.

Regular, right-minded,
Righteous, spotless, smooth,
Unsullied, untainted, clay.

Up front, upright,
Worthy, of earth and time,
Coin and milk.

How I forget myself
In these virtuous circles
Thrown and thrust.

Erosion of trust,
Kneaded and fed.

I will carry the cup
And beg.

A Pact


I make a pact with you, loved one –
come sooner than a thought.
Slip through earth’s fine skin
With the metal you wrought.
Tender out the flesh, and cap the scabs
Til all our plastic-ridden seas run red.
Smooth our bodies with its petroleum,
So slick we’re floating with the dead,
Soft sludge, this, our chartered mausoleum.
We sign nothing but the bottom line.

To John Donne

This razor that you use each day
Carries both of our DNA.
You would love me even more
When with blunted edge you gently score
The flesh, to know, therein the blood that’s drawn,
Our ecstatic molecules sweetly mourn.
You’ll never guess, I pray,
This razor that we use each day
Carries both of our DNA.

The debate

Humanity, love, kindness
Sympathy, empathy
At the core.
And outside the ability
To know
That these things are
To greed, corruption
And bitterness
Experience and wisdom
We knew
Already knew
Have always known.

The other
Was just a System
A network of systems
That would frame you
Digest you
Eschew you
Screw you,
But no sooner
Had the other said this
He knew
Already knew
Had always known
He’d backed himself
Into a corner
And all he could do
Was bare his teeth
Appeal to us to hate
The other.


Singer of an unseen world

Dancer of a dream untold

Seer of unknown light

Love’s advocate and plight.


I moonbathe in your wild time

And in your song I find mine

Your parted lips melt away tears

Grief sighs gently in lunar ears.


Cocooned in your shimmering light

I see all beauty in your rapturous eyes

The night blanket of invisibility

Covering watchful you and sleepy me.


the outsider saw only the whole ~

one earth, one soul

beautiful, boundless, brilliant and blue

endlessly whispered I love you

but no one heard

and no one saw

save the child who said I love you more