Global liquidity. Liquid globe. Mechanical structure gone viral. Known. Unknowing. The rivulets where years ran tears span the creases you hang in your scaffold. The screech. The scream. The moan. Mine. Yours. You never had. Cranked up. Keep your dust feast on the moon in its wake. Your fast. Its wake your sleep you also its wake. You its pull and fast. Fast under its pall. Pour. Reign embalm. Its envy and calm fills your mouth. Your fingers. Almond nails. Entrails. What it doesn’t know. Doesn’t want. Know not moon draw blood from my eyes. Don’t ask. Don’t bend. It wants. It sees. Disappears.


“Where’s the moon?”
Gasping in the dark there,
Caught up in the branches
Through the kitchen window.

I can’t breathe.


“Can I come in?”
No, I’m growing wheat
And my herd and flock
Are grazing here.
You’ll have to rot.

Your blood and bones
Will fertilise my earth.

You can’t breathe here.


The moon is screaming.
It will keep us awake.
Suffocate us all.

Moon For Sale (They Can’t Hear You Sing)

[Credit: NASA/JPL]

One moon for sale

Whole or by the slice

A meteoric doer-upper

A star buy


It’ll be gone in the blink of an eye!

Imagine ~

Your own infinity pool overlooking the blue planet

It can’t get better than that, can it?

Navel gaze in your own star spa

Come on, dig deep, it ain’t that far!

Your own private beach

Within easy reach

Of most spaceports

Don’t just live the dream

Live on the dream-making machine

An out-of-this-world investment

A shimmering, cosmic asset

You’ll be the envy of all

Can’t you feel the pull?

She’ll be gone soon so don’t delay

One moon for sale – BUY TODAY!

Cry tomorrow.

You can’t sell me, the moon cried

As they sliced her up like an onion

And dried rivulets filled with tears

But only Earth could hear

They can’t hear you sing, my moon

They never heard my song

They can’t hear a thing, dear moon

They’re all but dead and gone.




‘They called me theirs,
Who so controlled me;
Yet every one
Wished to stay, and is gone…’

Earth-Song, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who is the serious man

Wrapped up inside a newspaper?

Outside, the sky is unbelievably blue

Moonface girl collects this memory

But who are you? 


To Glasgow moonface girl would fly

Through twilight in her parents’ car

The horizon low, grey and far

A tangle of orange lights can’t compare

With the magnificent moon’s solemn glare


Moonface girl collects memories

On a red sofa we siblings slept

When it arrived with Granny and Grandad

And all of their things as they wept

We were delirious with excitement

Granny hovered over as we snuggled and wriggled

If I should die before I wake, we giggled

Poor Granny sighed


Moonface girl collects memories

Usually hidden unheard at family gatherings

Her moonface in the curtains with the birds

Listening to Chopin or Danny Boy

Sing they cry

Half-serious, half-moon she sighs

They laugh and hug

The bonnie Dundee weaver appears

And the ruckus begins and then the tears


Moonface girl collects memories

Swinging on the branches with the birds in the curtains

Embarrassed English moon beams all over the place

She doesn’t know where to look


Moonface girl collects memories

Long goodbyes I-love-you-I-LOVE-YOU-sobs and sighs

Wet faces, wet kisses and hugs in the rain

Again and again


Mother clears away the tears

Dad dries up



The wide-eyed moon and the girl exchange glances

And quietly they steal away and take their chances

The piano, the tears, the songs

The giggles, the sighs, the long goodbyes

The red sofa, the newspaper, the rain

The birds in the curtains, and the blame

And all of this grief for you

Father’s brother, Granny’s son

All this grief for you

And long-gone skies, unbelievably blue

(artwork: Man Reading Newspaper Artwork  from popartmachine.com )

Thanks to dVerse: Poetics and the Beautiful Sadness for the interesting post, prompt, and links to other poets.  I thought this poem written a few weeks ago might fit!

Moonface Girl

shiny moonface girl they call

stare into her crystal ball

with wry smile they rub the forehead like treasure

or tap it instead for good measure

shiny moonface girl shiny moonface girl

no escape from this face

it will stay in her haunted blue eyes

like the worried moon in the sky

both caught by earth’s bright blue snare

shiny moonface girl shiny moonface girl