finding peace

Finding peace is like finding land after days at sea

 tempest tossed and exhausted

dreaming of scrabbling upon any shore

a bedraggled survivor of a washed-up war

the lure of the sea’s a mystical thing

a few days away and you’re drawn back in

to chase the changing winds and tides

set sail across the glittering wides

perhaps it’s the freedom, perhaps it’s the air

perhaps it’s a passion – your soul lives there

eyes scan the horizon seeking the prize

though you cry land ahoy

a part of you dies


painting by will wilson


Envelop me
Let me feel your gentle wings envelop me
As I sing to you
Shattered and undone

Hold me
Let me feel your arms hold me tight
As I move to the beat
Shattered and lonely

Protect me
Let me feel your protecting light all around me
As I cry tears of joy
I am not alone

For you are here with me, my bright angel
You wrap your gleaming wings around my soul
Comforting and cherishing
Promising and nourishing
Making light work of a heavy heart

Sweet rapture
Wrapped up in your wings I feel safe

Sweet rapture
Wrapped up and blanketed in your grace

I’m flying, my beautiful, invisible angel
You lift me in my hour of need
You smooth away my pain
You comfort me when I’m lonely

Cocooned in your loveliness
You, my angel, are my golden sanctuary