Virtuous Circles

Shape wet clay
Into cup,
Celibate, chaste,
Effective in its revelation,
Drop by drop by drop,

Effectual, efficient,
Faithful clay.
High-principled, honest,
In its clear, transparent glaze.

Incorruptible, inculpable,
Irreprehensible soft moral mud
My noble hands, on the level,
On the up and up,
Of your tender form.

Regular, right-minded,
Righteous, spotless, smooth,
Unsullied, untainted, clay.

Up front, upright,
Worthy, of earth and time,
Coin and milk.

How I forget myself
In these virtuous circles
Thrown and thrust.

Erosion of trust,
Kneaded and fed.

I will carry the cup
And beg.

my first pottery class

Here are the results of my first pottery course.  We learnt coil and slab pottery, using a mold, throwing clay, and basic paint and glazing techniques.  Unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed with my large mold pottery dish and it cracked after it had been bisqued (?) – it would have been gorgeous.  Nevermind, I’m keen to do this course again soon!

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clay pot haiku

hard and fired up

fingerprints pressed all over

my little clay pot