For all the noise

It is bloated indifference

That is most ravenous.

Our horror in realising

The relative closeness

Of its smile wrapped

Around our face

Smothered in silence

Complicit snake.


We look down into the void,

Its yawning indifference to the weight

Placed on both sides, barely aware,

How close to the edge we all are.

Appalled. Too afraid to let go.

And fall into what had been forgotten.


The world seems such a small place.

That, or its lights shine brightly.

And those at the front are left to burn.

The Crew

And they looked out
From their little flotilla
A strange collection
At those who floundered
Failed to float
Flailed about
Floated lifelessly
The beating drums
Almost silenced
And they thought
Of the dying words
All this talk of help
They never would
Get their heads around
Anchored as they were
The effort taken
To wade
Through tears
So many tears
Just to get here
They should have
hailed us
We built an ark
Financed it
Powered it
Insured it
Entertained it
Lucky we insured it
And still they demanded more
Too many bodies aboard
Too too many expectations
Too much too much
And so to land
The few and their crew
Some of whom looked back
And wondered what they had done.

stand strong

Now close the door

Stand strong

Don’t give in

To their chants and songs

Noisy excessive din

Be bold

Take control

You have a job to do

You won’t be moved

By their weakness

No surrender

Stand tall

Give your all

Heed not

Their cries and pleas

Contagious disease

Look at them


We are united you and me


We will make history

Change history

Listen to me

Their silly fears

Will pass

With them

They’ll forget

What you did

Their children will never guess

So don’t give in

You have a job to do

Besides they are breaking the rules

I’ve just written

The fools.