Learn how to occupy less space.

Gorge on oil rich pickings, well traveled.

Or devour glossy puss forking Pandora’s bowl of junk

Smile, you’re on rented time and place.


Finally we have you
Signed off and ratified

Your tongues cut out
All you can do is spit

Your bodies paralysed
All you can do is baulk

Your cities gentrified
All you can do is trespass

Your sleep disturbed
All you can do is stare

Your world possessed
All you can do is gone.

Your poems written
All you can do is done.


The place where I married
Now 87,000 people gather

Amongst the clatter of statues
And fountains and trees

13 years later photographers
Capture the mood and the colour

Of freedom and life for me
Industrious bees and white shoes

A union of speakers and symphony
Christmas trees, markets and bows.


Me rewrite your history for me
Me tell your story to me
Me your status quo me
Me see you misconstrue me
Me spread like a virus through me
Me sing mosquitoes on and in me
Me misquote and sting me
Me misfire and mistrust me
Me remember history just ignore me

Me meme me.