Lucky the bailiff called

Lucky the bailiff called today,
Otherwise we would never have known
You were leaving for Nepal.

We’d have missed a beautiful sunset,
So beautiful we all linked arms and
Walked backwards to the tug boat
To eat chips and sip hot chocolates
And exchange poems for sweets.

Dinosaur Clouds (or Fear of Earthquakes)

Dinosaur clouds, slow heavy ships sailing the day’s burnt orange lake

Pterodactyls like gossamer, veiling the night, urging white in the wake

Anxious not to land upon the monsters minds make.


The black underbellies of these suspended reptiles reflect the flare

The floodlight of a menacing stadium’s slow erupting glare.

A warning to this funeral pyre free-falling into some nightmare.


Desperate, dispersed wildebeest, crushing blind unheard into hilly black sky.

Listening to the bubbling stadium’s volcanic victory cry,

Eyes wide,  I’m sleepless and silent as the black clouds hasten by.