As if by chance a wish appears,

The dance of promise and relief

For those who pay their way and wait

In solitude for years, and brief

It floats from fingers tightly sewn

And swift with absent thought is blown.


I left the comfort of my youth with a sense of little ease,
how they taunted and tried to drown you in whispering seas
transformed violently into torrents; a frothing, foamy crowd,
and when hysteria snaked through, they waved and cried aloud –
but the song of yours was a song (a prayer) that washed ashore
like a desperate note in a bottle, as out of some folklore,
where pebbles and summer love and lustrous pearls
hiding in oyster shells, dance on the sand and truth unfurls,
and in that moment of my youth, I glimpsed a love so rare,
skim the crest of the waves, skip lightly away without a care.


(inspired by Humbert Wolfe’s beautiful poem, Denmark )